Working Holiday Pass taken too early

Hello everybody,

I applied to a working holiday pass this week and I  just realized that I started the process too early. If it's accepted, I will have three months to start my internship in Singapore, however, I am only starting mid-June. It's written on the website that the In-Proposal Approval can only be extended once, for a month so it won't work for me.

What is the best thing to do? If I cancel my WHP demand, will I still be able to apply in one month?

Thank you for your time,

C. Creations.

The number of WHV issued by the authorities is very limited - and approval stops when the maximum number is reached.
Decide for yourself which risk you are willing to take (and what your Plan B is).

Thank you for your answer.

My question is: Can I cancel my WHP demand without having to wait 12 months before reapplying? I still even didn't have received the answer of the MOM for the In-Principle Approval, I just want to cancel my IPA request and ask it later, in March (three months before my internship).

Thank you for your time.

I believe you can withdraw (cancel) your application at any time.
But you may or may not get one in three months - that's the risk you take!.

I know it's a risk, but if I cannot manage to reach Singapore before the expiration date of my IPA, I will lose everything right?

But If I cancel it, I will be able to reapply in march ?

Why didn't you mention, in the application, the dates you want to be in Singapore?
And the WHV is not the right choice for an internship - your employer should have applied for a TEP or TWP (Training Employment Pass or Work Permit) for you!

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