Family Reunification

Hello Everyone.
i'm about to move to Belgium after applying for a single permit, but i have some concerns that i want share and see if there's any alternatives to anticipate them.
My understand is that the single permit is tied to the Employer, so in case we lose the Job, we'll have no right to stay in Belgium. unless we have another employer who is ready to apply for a new single permit.
My questions are the following:
1- how easy to find an employer who are comfortable with the single permit application(Usually the get scared of that)
2- is there any alternative to avoid this risk.


so you're just going to arrive in Belgium and you're already thinking about changing job before even starting your new position???  :/

1) Anyway, it absolutely depends in which kind of job you're doing...
If you're in IT or pharmaceutical, then it's pretty easy.
Else, it can quickly be really difficult.

2) No

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