making plans to move to Amsterdam in the next couple of months

My name is Michelle. I am originally from Zimbabwe but currently based and working in South Africa.
I am making plans to move to Amsterdam in the next couple of months. Give or take 4 months. this is all through a work transfer.  In the interim as l plan l am looking for as much information as possible like suitable links for searching for affordable accommodation for just one person. I am guessing most of the apartments come fully furnished which is all fine.
Looking at areas in and around or not too far from Amsterdam central or anywhere near : Plantage Middenlaan.

Other areas of interest given that this will be a total migration to a new country what should one do/ register for to ensure you are in compliance with the statutory requirements of the country?

Thank you in Advance for all the recommendations/ tips

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Rental accommodation in the Netherlands is in very short supply everywhere and in the area you describe is also very expensive.  Most people opt for something short-term (like AirBnB) for the first couple of weeks, which gives them a chance to look around for something they can afford.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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