Multiple Visits to Malaysia without VISA


I have been travelling in and out of Malaysia for a few years. I recently met a girl and the visits have become more regular.

Would visiting Malaysia for three or four weeks at a time every other month be okay for a UK passport holder or do I need to get a VISA, maybe a long term social VISA?

I have read quite alot online but nothing definitive covers this scenario. I can cover my UK job remotely online.

in advance.

Ok lets see.....seems to me that first off, UK is treated better than other countries so right there is an opening. Second, you are talking about very short stays on a tourist visa followed by long stays out. Id say you are good to go for at least a while. Govt is shutting the door on multiple entries without a good reason to stay, like a job, but in your case id say you would have the least problem.

Long Term Social Visit Pass....thats for family members only and the name is misleading. Unless you have family here, youd have to marry the girl to create one and then you can apply for a pass. Mind you, the govt is severely cracking down on false marriages, those designed not for actual marriage but to get the Pass and its never been more difficult than now to prove the marriage is genuine. There are many hoops to jump through and the gal would have to be your sponsor, meaning that her trackable income (above RM2000/mo) would be relied upon by the govt before a pass would be approved in any case. YOU are not the applicant for a LTSVP, SHE is the applicant on YOUR behalf. Among so many things, it means for example that your income is not a factor in your support and should she leave Malaysia or drop you, you have no more pass and that scene can create sudden and huge difficulties. You have no rights under the Pass except multi-entry and you are an "at-will tenant" in her life. Potentially dangerous to be someones prisoner.

Since you dont know the future with the gal, just ride out your plan as long as you can until they tell you NO, then consider the next phase, like possibly marriage in which you would be intending to stay here longer term in a genuine love relationship.

Boabert, I don't think you'll have a problem. I've been living in Malaysia for about 8yrs. Although I'm married to a local girl I don't have any type of visa. Im a seaman so I have 2 months on and off and come in as a tourist which allows me to stay for 3 months.

I think the problem is mainly land based immigration, when people are doing visa runs. If your coming in and out of the country by air it should be fine.

Thanks for the help folks, really appreciate it. All my reading pointed to the LTSV for 3-12 months but seems they are for Asian region countries only, going by what i can read online.

Seems the fact i am working in Malaysia then the regular visits are ok. Here is hoping.

Again, thanks for the replies.

I had not realised you were working here, makes a big difference if you are.

I had more problems in Scotland when returning to Malaysia as they wanted me to have a return flight ticket back to Scotland. Luckily I had an email to say I would be working on my ship in Malaysia.


My work means i travel alot and i am based in the UK. I can basically work anywhere when not at the customer site. Thats why i would be in and out of Malaysia on a regular basis.

I traveled in and out of Malaysia for about four years but that was between 2003 to 2008 and never had any issues except a couple of questions once at Malaysian immigration at JB once, but it never happened after that.  However, that was a long time ago. I got married to an Indonesian and since her visas were only for 30 days unlike the 90 days that I was getting, and also since immigration are much tougher on Indonesians, I decided to get MM2H to make everything easier, that plus the tax free car at that time. After that, we never had any worries.

Thanks Shill88, appreciate you taking the time

The issue may not be the fact that you are making repeated visits but more as to the type of work you are doing and the type of visa/pass you carry. A tourist pass is just that. For tourism, not work.

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