Problem with degree validation for work permit

I am coming to teach in Vietnam soon to learn ESL teaching from the CELTA course in Apollo Ha Noi.
But I have a serious problem in my mind regarding the bachelor's degree certificate to notarize for a work permit for securing jobs.

The thing is, I am graduating out of my college this year but the actual degree may not be officially awarded till the graduation ceremony in 2021.  As a result, the only documents I could present as a proof of the bachelor's degree would most likely be the academic transcripts, or at the best, an interim issued degree from the college.

Is it possible to notarize these documents to get the work permit or all hope is lost and I have to wait out a year to work in Vietnam?

You should check with Apollo since they presumably have experience arranging work permits for their staff and knowledge about this process. Most people on this forum are retired from work and so, don't have a work permit.

I would guess that there is some solution to your problem, so focus on passing the CELTA first, and then see what happens later. If you can get your certification, then you will have more employment options in Vietnam and other countries.

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