Depended Visa Documents Issue


I am from India and my company is applying for my Belgium work permit along with my spouse and daughter.

I had to change my wife's name after marriage and her passport is issued with a new name. My marriage certificate has my wife's before marriage name (old name) and her birth certificate also has before marriage name (old name).

Will this cause any issue in dependents visa? What documents do I need to prove my dependents?

This should be ok and a very common thing. In the visa form you have fields for old names if any. You can fill the old name there. Make sure her birth cert and marriage cert has old name exactly the same. In passport is it acceptable to have the new name, as it is common to change surname after marriage. Dont worry.

Not just surname but first name also.

In marriage certificate and birth certificate she has name eg. Deepika Padukone and in passport she has name Priyanka Singh.

But we do have a Gazzet certificate which states her name has been changed and we both have our spouse names added in our passports.

Will that work or cause any issues in visa?

Ah, then it is a bit complicated than what I assumed. I have not seen cases where firstname was also changed. If you have the gazette certificate, normally it should do.

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