Mental Health Assessment in SG?


For context; I'm working in SG, SPass for 2+ years now, female in late 20s, life is shitty but remain hopeful at the moment, and genetically blessed (ha!) by depression (potentially will become 3rd recorded generation).

I've been thinking about getting a proper Mental Health Assessment (never have done it legit, previously I just curiously self-diagnose via online help), and I am really clueless about where to begin. There're some concerns on top of my head and I don't know who to ask (most other forum I read is mostly coming from citizen/ native singaporean).

So if a fellow expat in Singapore can share their experience, I'd love to know, read, and listen.

I have wide range of questions and concern, some of them are:

1) If I want to get a Mental Health Check as an expat for the very first time in my life ever, should I do it solo (not involving insurance and company's insurance?)? Because I heard, it might or might not affecting your working visa (in the future, or current employment).

2) Who should I seek for? Psychiatric or Psychologist? Go straight to Private practitioner or maybe not?

3) Do you have a recommendation of a good place/ a good professional to start (first step)?

4) How much usually the budget range for Mental Health Assesment?

I have a strong urge to know about these things; I feel like, if I can have a name or a label, I will feel less crazy and know how to cope and deal better so I can navigate my daily life a bit better every day. At the moment it's all grey and I'm trying to arrange actionable steps I can take.

Thank you so much for reading this long post!

Health insurance plans available in Singapore usually exclude "conditions resulting from an unsound mind" - and that is interpreted as all psychological issues. So you'd have to pay for it from your own pocket.
What exactly do you want to achieve by having such a "mental health report"?

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