Loc to Ep or Sp

Hi All,  I am a Dp holder currently working with a Mnc for 2+ yrs now. I have 5.1 yrs of experience and a bachelor's degree in Cs with Honours. My Loc is expiring this may and I want to know if I should request my company to apply for Ep or should they apply for Loc or Sp. My husband already has a Ep till next year. So what are the chances if company apply for Ep? I have taken the SAT test and it says I am eligible for Ep and Sp.
Just for your information I am a Business intelligence developer and there are low skill set in Singapore for local people. My salary is 5k+ and I am paying Tax in Singapore.
Please advise.

Generally, an EP gives you more advantages than a DP with LoC.
This was discussed on the forum before, so you may search for more details.

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