Moving within Amsterdam. How long can I stay unregsitered?


I'm currently registered in an apartment. I wish to leave this apartment and move to another one. I've found a replacement for myself. I'll work with the land lord to change the contract so my replacement can live at my current apartment.
I plan on finding a new apartment and registering there ASAP. How long am I allowed to be without an apartment while I stay at a friend's and look for one? I will register at my new address as soon as I have one.

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Officially, no, you can't do that, you move from one address to the next.  It really depends on your Gemeente, they may well get angry, or not be that bothered.  My advice is to go to your Gemeente and tell them that you have to move out of your current address and will be living with a friend till you find somewhere else - nothing else - see what they say.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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