Orientation Year Permit - Application by Recognised Sponsor

Hello everyone! I'm looking into applying for the orientation year permit and I have a critical question to ask.

So I was recently offered an 6 month internship by an employer in Leiden and we both agreed that the orientation year permit would be the way to go because I'm eligible for it and it's an easier process for both myself and the employer.

When I visited the Dutch embassy (Amman, Jordan) I was surprised to hear that it might take 3 months to hear back from the IND on an application for the orientation year permit. When I informed the employer I was told that 3 months is too long of a wait and they want an intern to start ASAP.

My question is: Is it possible for the employer (a recognised sponsor) to submit the application for orientation year permit on my behalf in the Netherlands? I know this is done for the highly skilled migrant applications and a decision is usually made within 2 weeks.

I would really appreciate your help on this. Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Because you would have to go through the joint residence/work permit (MVV) and take a Dutch language exam, I don't think they can.  The quickest way to find out for definite is that your new employer asks IND directly; if they're a recognised sponsor, they will know who to talk to and get an answer.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


You don't need to take any Dutch exam for the orientation year permit but it did take me 90 days to get my application approved. If you are studying/ just graduated/ living here with another type of permit in the Netherlands and apply through DigiD then it could be done in 2 weeks.

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