DP10/social visit after MTEP pass


I previously held a 1 year MTEP pass (I believe it's technically a PVP?) that has just expired and I returned home. I have an employer who is looking to hire me but they haven't dealt with hiring foreigners before, so I'm doing a bit of research before we proceed. The company meets the 250k paid up capital & the salary will be 5k+, however I am 26. I read the minimum age is 27 but there may be exceptions, would anyone be able to help me understand what these exceptions might be? Is the 2-3 month application time more or less accurate? Any info/tips on the process would be appreciated too!

On a separate note before I start the DP10 application, I'm hoping to visit Malaysia on a social visit soon for a friend's wedding. I will have been outside Malaysia for around 5 weeks since my MTEP pass expired. I'm a little worried that I may be denied social entry if they see I was previously there under an MTEP pass. I doubt it makes a difference given digital records/fingerprints, but I renewed my passport so there's no physical stamps in this one. I'm a British citizen.

Thank you in advance!

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