Permanent residence lost?

I didn't find no where on official goverment site of paraguay this information,

If there is such a time of abscence out of paraguay,

That revoke the right of permanency for those who have it?

Let's say that a foreigner who hold permanent resident of paraguay, lived in paraguay
Some time, and want to leave the country for 2-3 years and come back

Will he loose the right por his granted permanent status,
Or in paraguay that right is for lifetime?

Thank you

You are right, there is.
However, I don´t know that it was ever enforced.

I don´t think they follow up on that unless there is a reason such as you commit a crime and they want to deport you.


Thank you for your kind answer

Do you know for how many years of validation the "cédula de identidad" is valid?
The identity card that you take with you everywhere you go
After how many years it expires?

I can reply to your first question: you need to visit Paraguay at least once every 3 years for a min of 10 days in order to maintain your residence privileges.
... but honestly I think nobody will ever monitor your staying in the country even if things might always change in the future of course.

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