Processing time for work visa (Trainee)

I applied for work visa - trainee (which is of 6 months) from India on 10th December'19.
UDI's waiting time is 4 months.
Priority request letter was sent by my employer and me.
Does UDI really takes upto 4 months for processing or it's just the worst case scenario ?
In how much time should I expect a reply ?
I need to start my internship at any cost in January as it's my college requirement as it awards credit for this internship. If UDI takes months to start then I need to start an internship here in India.

wow that's a lot of time, considering that you already have an employer they shouldn't make you wait that long, I read that if you send all the necessary documentation shouldn't take too long, I have to make my UDI's application as well and I really hope it doesn't take that long, let me know how it goes, good luck!

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