Apartments or houses with a yard

I'm living in Phnom Penh, but the apartment I'm in doesn't have room for a garden, which I'd like to have. I tried searching the apartments here, but there's at least 20 pages and no way to do an advanced search. Does anyone at least know of any areas of town that might be more likely to have the space for a garden so that I can search that specific area on khmer440?

I lived out in Tuol Kork before. Lots of homes and apartments with yards or open spaces. It’s  away from downtown and there are many neighborhoods to look at. Have you looked around there? There is a hotel I stayed at called LaLune Hotel. There are nice public markets, coffee shops, and restaurants close by. Maybe try searching there. Here’s a site about real estate there.

Have you thought about roof top gardening.    It’s a trend in many Asian cities. Turning roof tops into productive organic gardens.  I just read an article on the web bout how popular it’s becoming in Singapore.    It most likely would be easier to find a place with roof top or a terrace in PP than a yard.   Just a thought

Yes I agree I’ve never seen a place for rent with a yard , of course you may find one but rooftop garden is good

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