Make a Club or Community as Legal Entity


I have a question, I am searching while for the answer but no luck so far. So i thought to post here to listen from the experts.

Consider I have a community or a club - this i want to make as a legal entity.  This is a purely 100% non-profit organization.

We will organize the conferences to share the knowledge with the community to focus on future technologies. We are doing this for the community as we are passionate about this area.

Once we can make a legal entity then we will send this certificate to authorize with the company who is sponsoring.

Can someone please let me know what is the process to make a legal entity?

You CANNOT legalize in Saudi Arabia a community group or club you are planning to establish.

Coordinate with your embassy and talk to your consul about your plan. If it will benefit your country mate, he might asked you to accredit it to the embassy along with the existing group or club already helping the embassy for the welfare of your community.

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