Moving to Saudi Arabia from London

Hi all,

Me and my husband decided to move to Saudi probably April 2020. We live in London now. My husband got a good job offer in Riyadh and we both feel we need the change and we will also take it as an experience.
Few months ago we went to Riyadh for a few days just to check out the surroundings and to get the feeling of the place in the compound and outside.

I don't know any female expats in Saudi to be able to find out how they really feel in there after a period of time hence why I am here, maybe someone will be able to help.
I might not work from the beginning but eventually I would like to find a job ( I am an EA with many years experience in UK) but I know it might take time.
I am hoping there is someone in similar situation to mine and will be happy to share the experience.

I would really appreciate any help 🤗

Many thanks, Jo.

I hope some expat ladies to share her experience since men experience is definitely different since we focus on other things and don't pay attention to some details which women focus on 😊

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