Local violence against women

There has been an uptick in violence against women here in the DR. And specifically in men murdering their partner or expartner then commiting suicide.

It's a complicated subject. I've had several conversations here with Dominicans and their reactions are diverse! 

From it's normal to they are sick bastards.

But, what is the answer to this?  I am really interested in your.ideas and perspectives on this!

Is the overall uptick Dominican on Dominican? Or is it Dominican men on women of non Dominican decent?

ChristieE :

Is the overall uptick Dominican on Dominican? Or is it Dominican men on women of non Dominican decent?

Almost all is Dominican on Dominican. I may be mistaken, but it seems like the majority are older men with younger wives.

They are almost all Dominican on Dominican.

There is a heavier % of older men and younger women but that is not the full story.  There is also a heavier % of men with some form of authority ie military and police but that is not the full story.  There is a heavier % of men who have little to no education but again that is not the whole story.

Those are some quick observations but I have not done a study and I will do more research sometime soon!

I believe ,the big factors in play are jealousy, infidelity and macho culture. During my time living in the campo I have seen this jealousy and reaction to it play out with extreme arguments. It can be a result of infidelity by either partner or perceived infidelity that creates such conditions for violence. It doesn't need much for many a a Dominican man or woman to have fits of extreme rage especially amongst the lesser educated. I've seen it first hand. And remember these people are seeing this type of violence portrayed in novelas produced by the likes of Univision every night.

A reported story today is of a couple who had separated for two months and the male went from San Pedro to San Juan to seek out and kill his former partner.

https://listindiario.com/la-republica/2 … -separados

Six now this year so far:

https://www.diariolibre.com/actualidad/ … JE16211549

So in general you are absolutely correct.  Those are well known.  So then my question becomes why doesn't it happen in Cuba in the same.numbers, in Mexico etc.  What is specific to here that sets us apart? 

General info is the start!

DR is far from the worst country statistically when it comes to Feminicide. Brazil and Mexico are far worse.

https://oig.cepal.org/en/indicators/fem … feminicide

It seems to be a Latin problem. And to an extent in the Caribbean.

Cuba is a communist society and for that reason the equality of sexes in such a regime that for me would be an explanation.

Why Latin countries? I would suggest past history and the inequality of the sexes with added history of dictatorships and large inequalities in wealth and lets add in catholicism.

Incidentally I do not believe DR has a specific law against such crimes whereas other Latin countries do.

Interesting information!  I have not had time to do any looking. 

The idea of communism being the reason in Cuba makes.some.sensr.to me.

Had.no idea about Mexico or Brazil!

Damn, sorry about typos.  Working off small keyboard!

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