Grace Period for Overstaying Multi-Visa?

Hi all,

I would like to know the following:

1- My sister is on a Multiple Visit Visa to Riyadh, and its validity is one-year, I have renewed the Visit visa once online and second time, she traveled to Bahrain and came back. Now, the renewal is due again and its the last one and her stay will finish in 3 months. So, is it possible for me to extend it more than 3 months?

2- If she overstays her 365 days period, what is the penalty?

3- Is there a Grace period for those who overstay?


1-    You CANNOT extend it beyond 3 months.
2-    Penalty for overstay her beyond 365/366 days will incur you big penalty (approx. SAR 10 ~ 15 thousand riyals), employer will terminate you due to your negligence as sponsor, and MOI will blacklist you as irresponsible expat.
3-    You must send your sister BEFORE expiry of visit visa. No grace period for overstay visitor.

Thank You

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