Visa cancelacation

Dear sir plz advise me
My 2 years contract with my compony is expired on 21.1.20 but my visa still valid until 26.6.20 i allready give resign and book my air ticket for pakistan now compny is asking for 150 bhd how can i exit without paying ang charges

You can exit without paying any charges.

I have detailed the process many times as well as put a sticky:

I go to office yesterday HR told me that you spouse to finish your visa otherewise pay 150 i allready finish my 2 years contract they renew my visa with delay they told me that you are not spouse to exit until visa valid

They told me if i dont finished my visa i am not able to go home i allready finish my 2 year contract i dont want to stay here i allready book my airticket

I already replied to you.  Don't make multiple posts.  Read the sticky I pasted.

And if any more issues, get a lawyer.   

You don't have to pay anything.

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