Any Iranian immigrants who can provide some basic guidance?

Hi there,

I am looking for some basic guidance to prepare for my move. I will be immigrating to Denmark from Iran as a healthcare provider.
1. Any suggestions on neighborhoods/areas to live in Copenhagen?
2. I am extremely nervous about being completely alone in a country where I don't yet speak the language. Do most people speak English?
3. Are you aware of any Iranian group/community where I could get acquainted with others so I am not 100% homesick?
4. Anything I should know or prepare for? (Aside from learning Danish which I have started)
5. Is it true that there is a lot of racism overall? (I am hoping it is just the media trying to get clicks)

Thank you so much!

Hi Elijoon,

I assume that you have acquainted yourself with the needed requirements to settle as a healthcare provider? It will be a long journey.

1) It's a question of where you can find a housing, and how much you'll pay for it.

2) Most people speak English at a certain degree.

3)   (dansk/iransk 1977) (no updates since 2012)
It seems the answer is no. I wonder if it has something to do with political fractions in Iran.

4) ?

5) You'll not be discriminated. Some people have an interest in turning all issues into issues of racism even if it hasn't the slightest to do with that.


Hi Nellie,

Thank you very much for the info and your help.
Yes, long journey indeed but at least there is hope at the end of this journey...Thank you again.I appreciate your kindness.


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