Correspondence with Dominican women

Hi all,

Before fully committing to relocation to the DR I wanted to see if I could meet at least one woman online with whom there may be a connection.  I recognize that there's no substitute for meeting in person, but I'd like to have a small comfort level that I'll be able to meet someone compatible.  The problem is that I haven't been able to keep a single conversation going beyond a week or two.  By "conversation" I'm mean true two way communication where both parties are interested in learning about each other.  What I get is direct answers to questions I pose with no elaboration and no questions asked in return.  I don't think it's a language barrier issue as they seem to understand my messages.  I realize that some of these women have motives different than mine, but statistically some of them should be seriously interested in meeting someone, based on the shear number of responses I've received.  Given that this is not my first time corresponding with people abroad, I also like to think I'm capable of filtering out some (not all) of the dishonest people up front.  Your thoughts/assistance are welcome and appreciated!

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