Health Insurance for Traveler?

Hello friends, I belong to another country's forum but came here to ask a question, thank you for your patience. My adult daughter--US citizen--leaves the US in 24 hours for 10 days in Berlin. She bought her air ticket with AmEx and has the card. It just occured to me...If she needs a physician / has a health emergency / needs a hospital / how should she be protected?  For a summer in Asia she had traveler's insurance.  She has BC/BS here in the States. I apologize for not having found concrete answers so far  myself. Danke.

PS she is a polyglot languages major...Berlin tips would be appreciated - thank you Germany community!

We found a travel health insurance for $25 - off to Berlin. Danke.

Celadon :

We found a travel health insurance for $25 - off to Berlin. Danke.

Good you found something in time. Such travel health insurance is critically important yet usually cheap. I have a good policy that comes with my Master card gold but have had to get a supplemental policy if the trip was longer than the 45 days limit.

The following company has all kinds of health (and other) insurances for foreigners in Germany and Germans abroad, for short or long stays under various circumstances and visa types. I used them several times and was always happy with the sdervice. (But I am not affiliated in any way!)

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