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Dear Aspirants and dear friends,

Hi all.

I hope things are fine.

I am seeking employment opportunities in the southeastern region of Malaysian Provence.

Further, I would like to understand the employment opportunities for Indians in your regions for the betterment to share, explore and elevate further based on the prevailing available jobs in the areas of general administration, project management office and, high-end business administrative operations.

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Hi Sridhar,

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Please feel free to go through the Living in Malaysia guide, it might be helpful.

I also advise you to post a free job ad in the Jobs in Malaysia section, it might help you.

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi, forum,

I would like to understand that if I visit Malaysia for some time and search for employment opportunities covering the employers while approaching one to one.

Do you guys think that will this effort workout with a positive note?

Suggestions are welcomed.

Best Regards

Hello Sridhar,
we added this post to your previous topic, hoping more people will answer it.

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