how a foreign health insurance company check our medical history?

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I am living in Philippines and  My all previous medical history was in a foreign country, how would the insurer know what older claims for the medical situation at hand ?
if I don’t disclose my medical past Correctly , insurance company can obtain my medical reports from overseas ?

What are you trying to hide?

I’m Just wondering

I doubt they can easily verify as a routine check for coverage eligibility, however if you are caught falsifying information they will probably deny your coverage. And you can bet if there is a large claim or significant illness they will be investigating. They do have phones here.

Happyexpat123 :

I’m Just wondering

I do understand that the majority of health insurers don´t cover pre-existing conditions. Doctors´
consultation are not that expensive in the Philippines. Your main concern would be how to obtain the
medication with the high standard of quality control.


Thank you for answers.

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