Cost of living question/someone to review how realistic my budget is.

Hi everyone,
I am considering a move to Amsterdam and the gross salary offered is EUR110,000 per annum. I used the tax calculator website and on that gross salary one is expecting to net about EUR6,000 per month.

I am a single person and will not move with any partner or children. I will work in the centre of Amsterdam and therefore will prefer to also live in the centre. Areas of preference include De Pijp or Jordaan.

I have done a rough budget based on internet searches and I came up with the following. I would appreciate if someone who is or has lived in Amsterdam can review this and tell me whether I am realistic in my estimation?

Rent: EUR2,000 (this is for a decent sized one bedroom apartment in De Pijp, furnished. Is this realistic? approx. 70sqm)
Groceries: EUR800
Gym: EUR80
Skincare products: EUR150 (I have skin issues and need to use Dermalogica)
Energy cost: EUR? (can someone please give me a realistic estimate on what the gas bill is every month for an approx 70sqm apartment in Jordaan for a single person)?
Monthly tram/train ticket: EUR? (I will be living in Amsterdam and my job is in Amsterdam. So I will probably just use the tram everyday). What is the cost of a monthly ticket?
Clothing: EUR500

Any response would be very helpful.


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The Numbeo website offers information that should answer your questions; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

It is going to be very hard to find an apartment in Amsterdam and especially a loved area as De Pijp.

Energie costs varies of course, but think about 110 euros a month.
Don't forget the mandatory health insurance, it's about 120 euros a month.

But I wish you lots of luck for finding an apartment. Don't expect to find one straight away. It could take a lot of months.

search here for rent a house: Funda

Rent your own home? dutch government pays half! huurtoeslag

- € 2000,- for just 1 bedroom looks for me much too expensive and un-realistic;
- Groceries: for good food count about € 10,- a day;
- € 80,- a month for Gym?? Nah: stop abonnement and start free outside jogging! (and at wake-up do sit-ups in bed for yr 6-pack ...)
- Skincare: get an Aloë-Vera plant;
- Energy costs are mostly all-inclusive. when you rent a room, so...
Having your own appartment/house the monthly energy costs (gas, water & electric) are max. € 200,- Nibud ;
- Amsterdam tram: GVB
- Clothing 500/month? WoW...

Welcome in Nederland! … getadvies/

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