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I have lived for a total of 8 1/2 years in Kenya.  3 years in Othaya from January 1970, 2 1/2 years in Nairobi between 1974 and 1976 and three years in Tigoni from 1986.  I have worked in microfinance since 1991 and run my own company that supports the work of savings groups worldwide.  Currently we track the performance of more than 600,000 such groups, of which 50,000 or so are in Kenya.  I am 75 years old and want to retire and would like to live to Kenya as a resident.  I have no idea how to go about this and none of the visa sites are helpful in explaining how a retired person could move to kenya and what it would cost.  I would appreciate learning from other members about how this might be achieved.  Thanks in advance.

Legally, you have met the requirement to apply for citizenship in Kenya. *** All the best.

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Legally, you have met the requirement to apply for citizenship in Kenya.  For a proper legal opinion free of charge, inbox me for the same. All the best.

I've got a better idea - Why don't you share the answers on the open forum so your kindness can help a lot more expats?

Sure thing. On it.

hi,why not come to the country as a visitor and it will be easier to visit the immigration offices  and they will answer all your queries .otherwise take care

I visit fairly frequently (about 70-80 times since 1970) but do not have a trip planned for the next several months, and want to start the ball rolling.  The official sites are unhelpful and only focus on business and visitor visas and work permits.


Bonadventure; It is my understanding that unless married to a Kenyan citizen, an application for citizenship can't be made unless the period of stay has been continuous (with no more than periods of 90 days elsewhere).  You also need a Police Certificate of Good Conduct and this is not obtainable unless you have been in Kenya for over 6 months.  To achieve this, you need another type of permit in the short term.

Hugh; if you want to retire to Kenya, and you have a pension, income from investment, or other income not derived from work in Kenya, consider a Class K permit.  You need $24000 (minimum), or equivalent in Euro.  It is one of the easier permits to apply for, particularly if your income is derived from outside Kenya - it helps the county's economy!

Thanks.  That's useful information.  I will follow up.

I am also moving to kenya after working in usa maybe we can get in touch basis and in my early 70, and for more info write to my email *** for more update

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