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Hi all,
I'm new in this forum and I'm checking a possible new relocation in Malta.
I'm married with 3 daughers (9-7-2 years old), we are Italian
I have no idea honestly of the base minimum expenses to live in malta (house renting, schools and so on).
May someone helps me to understand with a single salary what is the minimum to live in a good shape in Malta?
I know it is a general question but to evaluate this possibility I need to understand if the salary proposals are in line.
Thank you a lot

Welcome to the Forum, if you do a search on here you should find most of the answers you require.
Good luck.

There are several online guides about this. I don’t tend to agree with them in all cases but as a rough guide sure. Check the dates on them and know things - housing disproportionately so - always go up.

One example above. Use google.

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