Residencia lawyer and Meetup!

I have arranged for one of the recommended lawyers be available to meet with people.on the north coast.  Lishali (Lilly) will be there to answer our questions and update us.

This will Saturday January 18th at 2 pm I. Costambar. Location will depend how many people want to attend.  She will do about a 20 minute talk then be available for questions. 

In addition anyone wanting to meet and have a drink, this too can be arranged.

Let me.kniw if you want to attend.  Once I have an idea of numbers I will post the.location!

This is a fantastic opportunity, and I hope many people attend.  I have my residency, so I'm not attending, but thank you for setting this up Planner.  And Lilly, too.

You are welcome!

Unfortunately cannot attend but can someone who attends post a recap.

THat is great. Even though is Lily is already my lawyer and now just waiting for the final processing, I would love to attend but have another event on the books. Lily is currently working on a Re-entry permit for me - a topic also that might be if interest for some folks.....

I will bring it up!

Another word of warning: we are headed into an election.  This year it's very  much up in the air.   No one has mentioned changing any rules but a change in party in power could mean a change in rules.  If the current set of rules works for you, consider applying sooner rather then later!

Due to some family issues we have to change this meeting to Feb 8th.  More details to follow.

However, I will be at El Carey in Costambar on Saturday about 2pm if anyone wants to have a drink!!!

If not for being back in Canaduh, for a week, I'd have made the trip from Santo Domingo for this.  It is a great idea.  Hopefully I will be in the DR if another such event is organized.  SUPER GOOD IDEA and a big thanks for organizing this.  Sorry I could not be there.

It is reorganized for Feb 8.

Honey any time you want to meet her in SD just let me know. But a trip to the north coast is also a good idea!


That's a pity I'm only around from the 10th February


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