Urgent accommodation needed

Hi all I've messaged 2 people who have apartments for rent on this site hoping they will get back to me. Does anyone know of a 1 bedroom apartment for rent for about$350 in Toul tum pong urgently pls

Plenty of them don't worry.

Why is it so urgent?

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Hi I just arrived yesterday and stayed in a hotel last night would like to settle in a place of my own as soon as possible

Have you tried an online search "apartment rent Phnom penh "? It will turn up a number of agencies who can help you. Also try the same search in facebook groups, there are plenty of them. Just searching on this site gives limited results. No offence Joe.

Hello I have lived in this wonderful one bedroom place in pp on 63/184 beautiful close to all not Russian market, but close to riverside close to central market, I’ve lived in pp for 5 years and choose this place based on Beauty and location, it’s modern , balcony, WiFi cable beautiful tiled shower very very modern, I’m leaving to live in Vietnam, I hate to leave, but this is the best apartment I’ve had in 5 years I’ve lived in three, I’m leaving in a week my land lady is so very kind it’s back off the street safe in a modern section, honestly you can’t do any better, but it’s 400 , I would love to find someone to move in for her, message me , usually I find other expats apartments, if your interested it’s super clean modern quiet, let me know I leave Monday it’s very clean extremely clean brand new , text me I’m leaving here next week , let me know if your interested , I can show you today

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