Work Visa, hepatitis B + with viral load 267

I got a job in one of the tech (IT) Abu Dhabi, issue a work visa.

I went to UAE embassy in my home country (Nigeria) to start the process, I was asked to conduct medicals in which I was tested hepatitis B positive, I was told at the embassy hospital to go and treat myself and get clean,

So, I went to Nigeria institute of medical research (NIMR) for advance test and profiling, it was discovered that the

HBV Viral load is 267
and limit of detection is < 20
which concluded that I’m a carrier and can not be transmitted.

Actually, I'm not part of the 6 categories described on UAE official website

My visa will expire soon if not process, my fear is, I don't want to get band, the embassy/hospital doesn't accept any medical report except the one conducted at their hospital, can I go ahead with this Visa process? please, need advice!

Your question is very specific to the UAE Embassy process in Nigeria.  So I doubt anyone can answer that.

If you are not in the 6 categories generally, there is nothing to worry about.   Worst case, come to the UAE on a visit visa, do the medical here and convert it into a work visa.  Discuss with your employer.

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