Thinking of moving to Bulgaria

Hi I am new to this site and am looking for any advice you can give. I am English but, currently live in France and am looking to retire to Bulgaria.....I have been doing a lot of research on line and find I am still looking for answers is the fly situation in the summer in rural areas? I live in a rural area of Brittany and they are unbearable here....Are there any areas that are better to avoid....I want to stay rural, but with access to a main town.....I am looking to bring my 2 German Shephers with me how easy would that be......How is Brexit affecting you.......I would be grateful for any pro's and con's. Thankyou

Hi, quite a complex task. Beside for an expat a rural/semi rural area with quick access to a town is probably the best of all options, my favorite too, there are some obstacles. First is very hard to find new or refurbished houses in the rural by itself if not close to turistic areas. If you are then looking for renting is a mission impossible outside probably finding another expat renting his property. Then the area you gonna choose will probaby have expats or at least one who really knows the area and can help you "integrate"/ shieling from local issues.

There are some success stories of expats in semi inhabited villages and also group of expats creating communities but often a foreigner in a village could get too much attention and be targeted for crimes and mobbing.

So in rural areas who your neighbors are is extremely important...Sometime is better to have none than have the wrong ones.

About the flies it really depend from the area. There are dry areas and wet lands, muntain areas and quite a lot of lakes, dams and ponds in Bulgaria. I have next to me two huge lakes and never had nor flies or mosquito problems in the past I would encounter a couple of them in the summer. But past summer was really hot and and also humid and tiger mosquitos were present in the countryside.

Thank you for your reply, it has been helpful.....I am a builder so some renovation of a property is not a problem..I am looking forward to coming to Bulgaria soon to look around....

I live in a village 30 minutes from Stara Zagora and 20 minutes from Damitrograd
The village is very well maintained all apart from roads there are two grocery stores a bar cafe post office library school etc there is street lighting all night which gives me a sense of security when walking back from the bar at night every house as a light outside there property
I can only say that my neighbours are all Bulgarian and are the most friendly helpful people I have ever met
I have not had anything stolen from my property despite not having secure storage for garden machinery
I bought two border collies over from the UK I had passports for both and proof of inoculation etc driving over was not a problem only border I got asked for the dogs passport was Serbia

Thank you for your reply, Yours is an area I have been looking at....if you know of any properties that are just outside a village with a workshop and large garden perhaps you could let me know...I would really like to speak to someone with the experience of moving and living in Bulgaria would it be possible to ring you.....perhaps you could pm your phone number.

I am also quite new to the forum. I am originally from Bulgaria, but  I have British citizenship  and currently I live in London. Very interested topic is what  you mentioned here, the fly problem.
I would say, such problem could exist , if you live in a village, where there is a big farm nearby, or most of the people in the village breed animals in their backyards, like cows, sheep, pig, etc. ,  or there is a swamp or slow running river of some sort.

There is hardly flies in villages close to the seaside, or mountains, because of the wind and the cold nights.

There are some areas and villages with a moskito problem in the summer. The Northern boundary of Bulgaria is the Danube river, and all the villages and towns situated on the bank of the river has a moskito problem during the summer. This is mainly ,due to the heat,  the river shrinks, water level becomes low,  and the exposed river banks , providing a lot of mud and vegetation , create perfect condition for moskitos.  But this is only if the local municipality doesnt provide funds to local pest companies to fight the problem. the same issue is with places with slow running rivers, dam lakes, etc. There could be a lot of flies too around such palces.


Phelan we live in a rural village and we love it, you ask about flies, well that depends on how many animals your neighbours will have really, yes we all get flies, but some get more than others. There are ways of getting round this though, we have built a large gazebo and have fly screens on all the windows, so we can sit outside and eat without any problems.....
You also ask about the pros and cons, well, living in Bulgaria as long as you are a legal resident we dont have any is so peaceful and stress free....You really need to come over and see for yourself.
Good Luck in your new venture. I have friends who have moved back to Bulgaria from France because its alot cheaper to live here than France.

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