SCE Registration - Jawazath - RED


I am qualified in Bachelor degree , I uploaded all document at SCE Site last Monday (06th Jan 2020), Now Showing Jawazath RED and massage is Showing " Your Request is Auditing" , how to complete my procedure and how long want to wait.

Please help and advice

If the applicant has been registered as member. An SMS will be sent to mobile phone requesting the applicant to pay the initial amount of SR 500.00 through SADAD (ATM or online banking system). Normally, the SCE took 10 days to verify certificates. In case you haven’t heard from them, you can call their unified number 920020820 to follow-up your application. Once audited successfully, the applicant will receive an SMS to pay the final payment depending on the category of engineer (verify in SCE website).

After the bill is paid, the applicant will receive an SMS stating that their profile has been updated at Al-Jawazat successfully. At this point, the foreign engineer can notify his company government liaison officer about this development.

Dear engineer, your request has been approved but not yet final, your application will undergo a series of data flow verifications, assessment, until you are fully accepted as member. This process takes more than a month.

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