Medical assistance for Senior citizen visiting Mauritius

I am 61 year old male retired and planning to visit Mauritius to meet my son who is working there. During visit if i want medical treatment what is the conditions
Can i get free medical treatment there or i will have to pay for it
Will medical insurance covered by Indian Insurance company will cover there

You need to check the policy issued by the Indian insurance company to see if you are covered whilst traveling overseas and what you are covered for.

Any preexisting medical conditions will not be covered. Why not consider travel insurance for the time you will be in Mauritius.

There's no guarantee that you will be provided free medical treatment and even if you do, depending on your conditions and type of treatment, you might not be given priority.

I would recommend you take a health insurance with an international cover for your stay in Mauritius.

You can get free medical treatment at public hospitals! We do not however guarantee the level of efficiency and quality you might expect.  It all depends on individual doctors treating you.. so with some good timing and luck you  might get the best of doctors for free

If you want high quality medical treatment, then either you get proper health insurance or pay for it in private hospitals.

Healthcare is free for the locals. If you don’t have a Mauritian residence, you will need to pay for medical services in both private and public hospitals.

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