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Does MM2H leads to PR after a certain number of years ? I saw on some threads here members talking about getting PR after 20 years on MM2H, is this correct ?

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No it does not. Getting a Malaysian PR is a very difficult process and I know of no easy way. I'm married to a Malaysian and have lived here for over 5 years, the minimum for applying for a PR, and don't expect to be approved on my first application.

Thank you so much for your response. Yeah I heard as well but it's only because I saw on some of the threads on the forum that some people managed to get PR under MM2H after like 20 years in the country.  :unsure


MM2H or the state equivalents do not accrue credit toward achieving PR status. A work vis, spousal visa, student visa, and several other types of visa DO...

Even reputable agencies such as sometimes get this utterly wrong.

Notice the word "Visa" - that means that it accrues credits...whereas a "Pass" does NOT. Although everyone refers to the MM2H as a "Visa" it is in actuality a long-term multi-entry PASS.

But just accruing a certain number of years doesn't mean one can become a PR. Take a look at the point system below to see just how hard it is. … aysia-faq/

It's pretty clear now. I'm really grateful for your input.

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