Iqama Transfer


I resigned from my company last July and agreed to transfer my iqama. Now job offers expired because they asked to pay the damage of the company car I used. I paid for it. Now I have new job offer and they raised another issue amounting 8500SR. They said that if I will not pay for it they file the final exit for me without air ticket and my iqama is expiring on January 20 and if I will not exit within 60 days they will declare me as run away. My question is what is the best thing or legal action to do because forcing me without proper investigation and I cannot exit because I have pending bills in STC and I dont have any amount with because 5 months I dont have work. All inputs will be appreciated and thank you in advance.

Try to settle all issues with your employer as your iqama will expire on Jan 20, 2020 (8 days from now) and I cannot read you settled the SAR 8,500 for another issue regarding cost of damaged of company car.

Worst comes worst find a solution to settle your STC bills, and other bills you haven’t mentioned in your posts before the expiry of your iqama.

As you are aware, your employer is having full control whether or not to transfer you to your second prospect employer within the 60 days grace period.

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