going home with my pet

Hi, I'm here for over 30 days, apparently I need to go to the vet to get another certificate of health for my pet, because the employee at the airport check in counter for the airlines, will ask for this at Puerto Plata airport when I'm checking in to leave to go back to Canada? Canada does not require this? so why do I need to get this paperwork when I'm leaving the DR ..? Does anyone have experience with this? It's new because this wasn't requested the last time I was here with my pet.

You need it because they said so otherwise you can leave but not your pet.  Sorry honey.

Canada does require it, in order to make sure your pet is disease free and healthy.  The same thing happened when you entered the DR, they require paperwork from a Vet in your home country stating your pet is healthy and disease free.  The airlines also like to know this, so they know they're transporting an animal that will survive the stresses of flying.  And it will take 2 or 3 days for the local Vet to get the paperwork signed.  I understand it has to go to Santo Domingo for authorization.

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