Belgium spouse visa finance

Hi im srilankan citizen living in srilanka.
I’m getting married to my belgium partner on February in srilanka.
She been living in srilanka for past 3 years
After getting married im going to apply for spouse visa. And we both going to move to Belgium after getting my visa .

Problem is she don’t meet the financial requirements. Only thing she can show is she got 20,000€ in her Belgium Savings account and I can open joint Savings  account for another 22,000€
Can anyone suggest if that 42,000€ enough to show as savings and apply for spouse visa?

I got accommodation sorted there aswell.
Thanking yuu in advance

Stable income is a more important criterion than savings. If your partner has a stable job (monthly income - meeting the threshold for family reunion) and a place to live, that will do.

Thank yuu so
Much aneesh for ur quick response. Thing is she been living in srilanka for past 3 years. She Didn’t had regular job. Only thing we can show is just savings of 42,000€
Can’t we say we got enough money to
Survive for an  years. Mean time we be getting a job when she move back to Belgium?

I havent heard savings is ever a criteria. If a Belgian (or a non-Belgian working in Belgium) wants to get his/her partner to Belgium using family reunification visa, he/she must have a stable income in Belgium and a place to stay, in addition to the proof of marriage, etc. There are clearly defined threshold of monthly income for this.

Thank you aneesh.
So it’s a no go then. Bit let down.
In England u can show savings of 62,500£ if u don’t have a job. I assumed  it’s similar rule in Belgium :(
Having very bad luck these days in everything aneesh lol.

As I often say: Family Reunion is a right defined by laws
The foreign office will only verify if you comply to the laws or not.

The current laws about Family Reunion is pretty clear: Proof of solvency of the person to join in Belgium.
Stated by the law: stable, regular and sufficient means of subsistence
==> getting 1505€ after tax per month if employee.

She can be a millionaire, they don't care at all, she must respect the laws: she must have a stable job/salary/other incomes (such as house renting for example).

There was a famous case 3-4 years ago, about a millionaire asking her Latina wife to join him in Belgium.
He did everything to never get a salary to avoid taxes around the world.
The foreign office denied his wife: no stable, regular and sufficient means of subsistence...
He had to give himself a salary from one of his company and do a new reunion visa for his wife to join him :unsure

So... she'll have to come back in Europe, find a stable job and start the reunion visa 1 year later (annual tax sheet from the SPF finance + proof of stable job).
That visa will take up to 6 months to be granted.

Or... as it seems you can show some money, at some point, you could come in Belgium as a tourist/family visit (visa C request 4-5 months after your wife come back in Belgium and find a job, issued by another country than Belgium for better chance of result  :whistle: ) (if you're the owner of an accommodation in Sri Lanka + stable job + money on your bank account + family tie/whatever) and you start the family reunion from Belgium when you arrive (even if it will be denied after 6 months of wait, as you would appeal in justice and it will be denied too, and then... you start a new family reunion process with better proofs)
But, you'll be living together during the process and it's perfectly legal :whistle:

That scenario is possible as long as she's working in Belgium, as next time you do the family reunion request, she would be working for more than a year and everything should be ok by then, in order to proof that you "now" both respect the laws and are eligible for family reunion...
My 2 cents...

Thank you Alex ma man

It’s going to be my last question. Lol
She ( Belgium partner) has a business in srilanka. A Hotel. She makes about 5,000€ a month roughly
Can she show that income as stable one and apply for spouse visa ?

Thank you again lads

Sorry but yes and no...
What about when she comes back in Belgium? Because that's what matter...
And that's what what our government want to know...

If she still get that money abroad, alright, but in the end, she must proof 1505€ after tax per month + 150€ per person in her care.
==> job in Belgium, stable income, 1 year of work + tax paper
==> she must be officially able to take care of you when you arrive in Belgium, so you wouldn't be a burden/in charge of our government, that's what they want to make sure.

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