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I’m a single mom from the uk living in Bahrain for almost 12 months now. Since being here I started working and was promised if I do probation I will get a family visa - I’m still waiting. Each month I am told that they require a document from somewhere. I was told I need to get my child’s certificate officialised and a letter of consent by the father which I have done. I’m now being told that there’s new laws regarding employing Bahrain staff first. I am on the understanding lately that they have submitted a statement saying why they did not hire a Bahrain woman. Because I am very highly qualified and with many years of experience. Then they said my visas were in and would take 2 weeks and that it was certain to be approved. Now they tell me that unfortunately they are requesting another letter now from the ministry of social, I’m being told all the time it’s been submitted and will take 2 weeks as the ministry of labour now hold visas for 2 weeks before releasing them, when 2 weeks is up I’m told they have to resubmit it because they require another letter from elsewhere. They have mine and my sons passports  and I’m lost - I don’t know what to do any more, 12 months flying in and out with a child. 12 months fighting hard to be allowed to stay where I work because I love it so much. Please can someone help and shed some light on this for me.

Simply put, this link is the official government requirement for a family visa

The most important items are obviously attested copies of the birth certificate and the no objection from the father.  If you have provided these, then there is nothing that is stopping the visa application from YOUR end.

Do you have a work visa?  if not, then that could be the reason for the delay.  The issue is with the work visa not the family visa - to make it clear for you.

It seems to me that the problem is with your employer's bahrainisation ratio or the position that they are offering you (assuming that you don't yet have a work visa) is meant for Bahrainis (to get an exception is a long process where they have to demonstrate that they didn't find qualified locals etc etc).   It does appear that they are trying to clear it.   You have to keep following up with them and wait.

Assalam alikum . Bro i need help quickly plz
My visit is visa is multiple visa for 2 years on 14 jan i will complete 180 days of stay in saudia . can i go to dubai for a night and re enter to kingdom is that is easy ? Is it must to get dubai visa or i can go to airport and re enter in kSA without dubai visa plz make me me sure is this possible or not ? Or must to go to pakistan again nd then re enter !plz reply quickly

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I have worked in Bahrain for 1 year. And I left the country but my employer refuse cancel my visa since August 2019.
Looking suggestions what should I do?

First read this:

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