Resignation by worker [Contract not completed]

Salam everyone. Please help me.

I have a 2 year contact and I accomplished 1year and 2 months.
Unfortunately, I wish to file a resignation letter to my employer with 90 days notice

What are the legal grounds I need to know? will I be able to claim a certificate of employment? will I be banned from saudi Arabia for a long time? Will I pay for my ticket home? what is the cost?

Here are my reasons:

I am a nurse in Madinah and my employer CONSISTENTLY delays salary. Since the date I typed this post, we did not received 2 months worth and the last salary I received was my October salary which was given by December 2019!

We also have unpaid Overtime (we worked 12 hours for 6 months).

During Ramadan, instead of 6 hours, we worked for 8-12 hours overtime and still unpaid so far.

Our work area is below substandard. Our critical unit was said to have 14 bed capacity however we lack equipments like monitors which may endanger our patients.

And ALL of my seniors who went to vacation without vacation benefits/money.

Our employer promised to give all due benefits after exit.

please I cannot continue working like this. my Debt in philippines has interest rate and will keep increasing and I have no means of paying. Please enlighten me! 😭

Have you filed complain for all the above listed delays?

Oh yes we did! we sent emails to POLO Jeddah and OWWA Jeddah but it's been a week and they have no reply. My hospital has been banned before from recruitment but was able to regain back their status after a few months.

In my understanding you have not filed yet an irrevocable resignation letter to your employer.

What was your employment contract stipulate regarding submission of resignation letter i.e. is it really 90 days noticed period? because working days matters prior to received by hospital HR via your supervisor. You must establish this issue carefully.

You (including your workmates) have to have submitted your complain in Saudi Labor office near to your place or hospital to look into and investigate your reasons or concerns. Inform POLO or OWWA after filing in Saudi Labor office, but don’t expect the 2 entity to lead to look into your concerns.

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