Automatic approval for RM 8,000 and above

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I saw this below on the Malaysian Immigration website, I wanted to know if there are any other conditions like education and age get a successful application for the below ?

-----> Expatriates with monthly wages of more than RM8000
Automatic approval will be given to expatriates who are paid RM8, 000 and above per month. Conditions are as follows: -
Application form (DP10), which has been completed must be attached to the original Employment Contract which has been stamped with a revenue stamp;
The sponsoring company should submit the Undertaking Letter which states that the company will pay salaries and tax revenues based on the expatriate employment contract
The sponsoring company should comply with the conditions set by the Regulatory agencies such as the local licensing body, manufacturing licensing body, 'Wholesale and Retail Trade' (WRT) body, CIDB certificates etc;
For follow-up applications, the sponsor is required to submit the application form (DP10), together with an "Undertaking Letter" and the Expatriate’s income tax receipts.

Completed applications received will be processed within one (1) day. Inspection visits will be held after three (3) months from the date of the issue of the employment pass.
The sponsor is required to submit the Expatriate’s income tax receipts, if necessary.

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