I have been here in India for the last four years.

And I feel like India has progressed in terms of technology at an astonishing scale. Even though these differences cannot be seen on a large scale, there is a glimpse of changes in every sector.

I know I sound different in the opening and the second sentence. But believe me, I have witnessed it. The number of people has internet access, the number of people who have access to high-end technology says the progress this country has made.

India is well known for the farming sector. The technology impact in that sector is great. Farmers have benefited from high pedigree crops. Technology has helped the researchers to develop crops with better decease-resistance and better lifetime.

The recent progress and the prediction by the tech-experts point to the fact that India can be an AI powerhouse if things go as planned. Major institutions across India have already made progressive collaborative partnerships to create a better future.

Speaking of partnerships, one such initiative took place between one of India's elite institutes, IIT Hyderabad and Telangana Government. It will pave the way for the creation of a unified effort to create and deliver content and curriculum on AI courses to be delivered to college students along with industry experts. The government officials declared that the year 2020 is going to be "the year of Artificial Intelligence.

The MoU has the intention of sharing knowledge and expertise and promoting its usage for various sectors, from urban transportation and healthcare to business and agriculture. Also, the state government would receive help from IIT-Hyderabad in setting up an AI-High Performance Computing infrastructure and developing a strategy to blend such infrastructure for the betterment of the public service.

This is just one example from numerous. Different institutions are collaborating with different governmental bodies to explore the possibilities. One major objective is to deliver AI-services to the public.

As a follow up to what I have said before, I would like to share a piece of information with here. I came across this interview (excerpts), which mentions the technological transformation.

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