Student Pass Diploma accepted, now Bachelor rejected

I currently don't know what to do, I'm enrolling the January semester, class starting but I'm still at the process of appeal, not having any student pass will cause the course withdrawn in the future,

i don't know what is my mistake while doing diploma, my attendance is 96% and GPA is above average, im so upset and afraid that i might need to enroll the next intake in June instead of now,

If it get rejected, i need to reapply and wait for June intake? Life is short, do i really have to waste my 6 months? :(

All of my friends got accepted except me, i can't understand as well as finding the root of the problem

Your message is a bit confusing on the facts. I assume you applied for a student pass to join a Bachelor course at a university - and it is not approved yet.
If that is so, you must wait for the result, which can take 1 - 3 months after the application was submitted. You cannot start your course without an approved student pass.
Alternatively, you can also cancel the application and look for another course, or another country.

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