Carpooling in Oman

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In order to move around in Oman, you will have to spend time on the road; for your work commute, to drop your children off at school or for everyday trips. Carpooling could be the right option for you. We would like to know your views on carpooling as a means of transport, and whether it is a practical and cost-effective option.

Is carpooling and cost-sharing common practice in Oman? What about the regulations in force?

For which types of journey does carpooling seem more suitable in Oman? How much is the cost of a carpool trip?

Is there an app or other means available to connect people looking to carpool? How do you find other carpoolers?

If you are carpooling in Oman, what precautions should you take to travel safely?

According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of carpooling?

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Carpooling as such is not an idea that is implemented on ground either officially or otherwise. Government is trying to promote public transport and other taxi services including online taxi.  So, maybe carpooling is limited to some private groups but definitely not as  public means.

Carpooling is not a common thing in Oman/Muscat. However colleagues and inner friend circle does carpooling .
There are online Taxis, in some places sharing taxis I.e. from point A to PointB . Sharing taxis are quite cheap.
Let me know if you have any specific queries.

There's still a bit of a love affair with cars and perhaps a level of ego attached to having one's own to share with nobody. Very few of my Omani friends would be cool about sitting on a public bus. Whenever I've suggested such they've  looked so uncomfortable or laughed so nervously that I've dropped the topic.

Carpooling amongst expatriates can be difficult as it might look like people are paying a non-Omani driver. This sits dubiously with the law  even though friends / colleagues might simply be sharing petrol costs. Sometimes male Asian drivers are accused of moonlighting as taxi drivers and this can get at least embarrassing. My friend (Asian male) and I were once apprehended by a bunch of taxi drivers who threatened to call the police when going to the Crowne Plaza in Salalah to dine with mutual friends. One of the duty managers eventually apologised and gave us a discount.

I think Omanis can sponsor non-Omani drivers so if you have a generous workplace, perhaps some arrangement can be made.

With regards to sharing a taxi-good idea. If it's a regular car pool then perhaps you can negotiate a good price. The relatively new OTaxi is like Uber and the fares are much below regular taxis'.

i was searching for a problem that i faced last week, then i find your discussion which is not exactly the same but it may leave you confused  as I have been fined ( by ROP) for carrying my friend along with me in my car, just because we are not working in the same company. Now tell me, how is your pooling idea gonna work at this situation. Is traveling with your friends is an offense by the new rule? don't know . but this is the situation as police don't want to hear anything.They simply register it as an offense and by next day you can see the fine online on your ID

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