Good places to live

Is any area more protected from cyclones? Is any area worst affected by cyclones?
From what I’ve read south and east coast are cooler but windier. Is there anywhere south or east coast protected from the wind?
I am concerned Summers might feel too hot as we’ve adapted to the Northern hemisphere weather.
Do I understand correctly that if you buy a property costing usd500000, you can live and work there? Is it particular properties and if so where are they?
If one transferred all their assets there but got homesick, could one remove assets easily and return home?
Is it easy to live and work there if English is first language and only have minimal school 2nd language French from decades ago?
Is any area better to work in for English speakers?

There are not really areas that are more protected than others in the event of a cyclone given that Mauritius is so small.
Depends on the trajectory of the cyclone and its location.

The South and East are windier but not necessarily cooler.
The only cooler parts of the island are on the central plateau, in the Plaines Wilhems and Moka regions.

Buying a property costing over $500,000 gives you a resident permit for as long as you own the property, but does not allow you to work.
To take up employment, you will need either a Work Permit or an Occupation Permit as a 'Professional'.
Those properties are classed under regimes called IRS, PDS, IHS or properties located within developments called 'Smart Cities'.
Outside of those schemes, you cannot buy properties.

Mauritius does not have exchange control and it's fairly easy to transfer or repatriate funds/assets. But financial and banking laws and regulations exists. 

Employment as a primarily English speaker will depends on the field and type of job. Some jobs will require some level of French.
For others, only English will do.

Thanks Winston for replying. Is there an age limit for getting a work permit ?

As long as you are of the legal working age, you would be fine.

However, a 'Work Permit' and an 'Occupation Permit (Professional)' are not the same.

Which one will better suit you will depend on your field and job profile.

Hi Winston
Thanks for your helpful replies. What’s the legal working age in Mauritius?
I’m approaching the big 50 which is when I could get a retirement visa but I have lots of energy left to work still! Retirement age here is 68 but you can continue to work beyond that if you want to.

If you bought a property such that you had permanent residency and then got a self employed visa so you could do a bit of work for 3 years, and say you didn’t work a lot so didn’t meet the grades, could you apply again for another self employed visa?
My thinking is semi-retirement, in case of boredom, wouldn’t want retirement visa where you can’t work, but what if you didn’t work a lot?

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