Home renovation in Manizales

Hello all, happy to be a new member of this community as of today!

I have a condo in Manizales now for many years that i visit as work allows. There are many things about Colombia i love - weather, local food, friendly people. Working with contractors on a simple bathroom shower renovation is not one of them.

Over the past year i have contacted close to a dozen contractors. Many don't return phone calls. Those that have given estimates vary wildly in price, and then most are too busy. Contractors i tried working with arrive only with basic tools that fit in a backpack on their moto which were not appropriate for the job. I've had furniture and wall/trim/tiles damaged, construction debris tossed in the garage on the way out, all day waiting for no-shows, etc, etc.

Unfortunately HomeCenter, Decorceramica, and the like don't offer installation service in Manizales. Architects/engineers subcontract the work with little supervision. My Colombian friends have attempted to help coordinate the work with similar outcome.

Guys, i'm getting worn out with so much energy invested and such poor results. Are expectations set too high for decent quality work? Any advice from the community?

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