Open a joint offshore bank account

Hello! My partner (Dutch) and I (Argentinean) we want to open a bank account to be able both of us put money there. We are in the process of MVV, but still a bit far to be over. Have anyone some tips for us about this? Maybe is possible to open an online account in another country? Thanks :)

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Opening offshore accounts in the Netherlands is problematic for non-Dutch citizens because you need a BSN number and a Dutch address in order to open a bank account in the Netherlands.  I'm pretty sure your partner will have a BSN number (the first page of his/her passport, it's printed at the top of the page).  Perhaps use his family address in the Netherlands.

Some banks used to offer internet banking; if you want to enquire, try contacting some of the Dutch banks directly.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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