Visa expired and civil id is having a legal problem


       My name is satish, On 17th Nov 2019 at our construction site there was a raid from the ministry of manpower and took some of our civil id's due to some contract issues or something, and my civil id (visa) is expired on 14 dec 2019 as I understand there is one month grace period after visa expiry,
       So I have to leave the country with in this month i.e., 14.jan.2020. But my company is saying like Ministry has filed a case so I have to wait for the cancelling of visa at the airport even though it takes up to February.  But I have to go to my home town due to some personal issue on 13. jan. 2020
    So my question is Can I leave the oman without my Civil ID on 12 jan.2020 (visa expired on 14.dec.2019 and my grace period will end on 14.jan.2020)  with no questions asked at airport or do I have to face any problems at the airport?

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