Without an final exit

I was doing job in Saudi Arabia and sudenly my father died and I went for vacation to my home country India without taking an final exit of visa and after sometime i couldn’t come back because of my family issue and now after 2 years I want to go back Saudi Arabia I got a new visa and from new kafeel and I have informed my previous kafeel about my new visa and he don’t have any problem with it . Can anyone tell me? will they let me enter in Saudi Arabia when I will arrive to Saudi airport . Please let me know if anyone know about it . My both kafeels don’t have any problem with it .

Usually, if you leave on exit re-entry and don't come back, there is an automatic 3 year ban.  If you enter while that is in place, you will be returned from the airport.  That ban can be removed (complicated procedure) to only work with your previous kafeel.

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