Visit Visa Extension after 90 days - Update 2020

Hi Everyone,
My family has a Two year multiple visit visa.
It was possible earlier to extend after 90 days and do an exit -reentry after 180 days.
Last week i heard from an acquaintance that the 90 day extension is not happening anymore and was palling to doing exit-reentry by Bahrain airport.

Now my question is..
Has anyone with a multiple entry visit visa been able to extend online after 90 days since the new visa's have been started to be issued?
My guess is that since the new visa's have been issued there has been a change in the extension mechanism as well.

I have to extend my family visa in Feb and would like to avoid any surprises.

Can anyone please confirm?

if you browse other topics on this forum you would find it has been answered multiple times, there is no problem with extension after 90 days.

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