Short Term Visitor Pass – Work Pass exemptions

Now here is a new discovery (for me) on the MoM website.  STVP with Work Pass exemption.

"You are allowed to perform a Work Pass Exempt (WPE) activity for any number of visits, but up to a total of 90 days in a calendar year (e.g. 3 stints of 30 days under Work Pass Exempt activities)."

This may be relevant to me before applying for a LTVP later (married to SG cit. but we are both working overseas for next 2 years) as I want to spend one week in every 4 weeks in Singapore promoting my existing business. I will not be employed by a Singaporean company so cannot be sponsored;  I will continue to be paid by my Australian company.

However on further reading, the list of Work Pass exempt activities is:
Specialised - Plant / Operations / Equipment (skilling locals)

But I am working in blockchain for fintech and other sectors, which does not fit in any of these categories.  I guess I could apply anyway and see what happens, or can someone tell me if I even need a visa or WP exemption for self-employment one week in every 4 weeks?

Thanks in advance.

This is new to me, too, but possibly existed all the while.
I interpret this as "Typically internationally itinerant work (see list) is allowed to be performed in Singapore for short durations without needing a work visa."
In your case, which does not really fit any of the professions in the list, it is certainly better to contact MoM and ask first, before you do a mistake that you'll regret later.

This webpage, and the ones it links to, explain this rather well: … activities
Your Fintech business is NOT in the list. And even if it were, you needed to inform MoM of your activities and duration beforehand and could only start after they acknowledge it.

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